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Sergio Leone Articles

Luciano Vincenzoni
Cenk Kiral interview with Luciano Vincenzoni.

Interview with Mickey Knox
An interview Cenk Kiral did with dialogue writer Mickey Knox.

Interview with Professor Christopher Frayling
An interview Cenk Kiral did with Professor Christopher Frayling.

A Fistful of Leone Trip
An account of the many locations which Leone used for the filming of his westerns in Europe.
See also: Accompanying Pictures

Did You Know?
An article by Cenk Kiral. A compilation of various facts about Leone and his movies.

How I Reach to the Master
Another article by Cenk Kiral, dealing with his love of Leone, and how he has been influenced by spaghetti westerns.

Once Upon a Time in America: An Experimental Epic
An article by Roberto Bartual about the poetic aspect of Leone's last film.

Face To Face With Sergio Donati
The notes of an interview in Rome by Cenk Kiral

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