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Sergio Leone Audio

Translation of Leone's Words

These excerpts are taken from the documentary film, called Viva Leone, made by BBC in 1989.

From Leone Speech #1:

When I went to America, their first words were "Make us another western. Do that, then you can make 'Once Upon A Time in America' ". At this point there arose a need to make a film completely different from the other three. A need for a new triology. Beginning with 'Once Upon A Time in The West', continued with 'A Fistful of Dynamite' (a.k.a. Duck You Sucker), and completed with 'Once Upon a Time in America'. They were the three periods that made America.

From Leone Speech #2:

Obviously, the Americans were taken aback by my films. If you think about it, it's quite absurd, because it's not easy to work in a genre you know second hand, at best. You may have seen it only in the cinema or have been more or less the same areas and places. I find it strange that they should have been surprised because they invaded our territory just as shamelessly with 'Ben Hur', 'Quo Vadis' and 'Spartacus'.

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