Sergio Leone Resources:
by Cenk Kiral

"Carlo Simi - l'Amerique de Sergio Leone" by the 20th International Festival of CINEMA MEDITERRANEEN MONTPELLIER (23 Oct. - 1 Nov. 98)

"SPAGHETTI WESTERNS - COWBOYS and EUROPEANS - FROM KARL MAY TO SERGIO LEONE". by Christopher Frayling (First edition 1981, second in 1998) - (read my review about this book at

"ONCE UPON A TIME THE FILMS OF SERGIO LEONE" by Robert Cumbow (f.e.1987) - nice and detailed commentary about Leone films written in a
literary language to reflect the author's feeling about them. Don't expect to find some behind-the-scenes type of details, or interviews, or anecdotes.

"ITALIAN WESTERN - THE OPERA OF VIOLENCE" by Laurence Staig and Tony Williams (1975) - "very hard to find" (ask for second hand copies to trade)

"SERGIO LEONE - Greatest Legendary Dream of America" (f.e. 1977 in Italy - last edition in 1997 in English) - the real nice things about this book is the
collection of several interviews with people, who have worked very closely with Leone, including Tonino Delli Colli, Ennio Morricone, Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio
Donati, Nino Baragli and so on.

"Spaghetti Westerns - the Good, the Bad and the Violent - 558 Eurowesterns and Their Personnel, 1961-1977" by Thomas Weisser (1992)

"ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA" by Adrian Martin - BFI Film Classics Series - 1998

· Raymond DURGNAT: "The Good The Bad and The Ugly"; Films and Filming (November 1968)
· Christopher FRAYLING: "Sergio Leone"; Cinema Cambridge, 6/7 (August 1970)
· Gean GILI: "Sergio Leone" ; Cinema 69 (November 1969)
· Cynthia GRENIER: "Sergio Leone's Recipe for Spaghetti Westerns Revealed" Qui (April 1973)
· Richard JAMESON: "A Fistful of Sergio Leone"; Film Comment (March-April 1973 and March-April 1974)
· Stuart KAMINSKY: "The Grotesque West of Sergio Leone"; Take One (May 1973)
· Noel SIMSOLO: "Sergio Leone Talks" (interview); Take One (May 1973)
· Mike WALLINGTON: "Spaghettis" Time Out (May 1970)
· Mike WALLINGTON: "Italian Westerns-a concordance" ; Cinema Cambridge 6/7 (August 1970)

* VIVA LEONE by BBC - Prof.Frayling - very nice documentary on Leone full of nice comments from the master himself. There are some words from Eastwood,
Tonino Valerii, E.Morricone. Very nicely prepared after his demise.
* ENNIO MORRICONE by BBC - nice source to obtain information about the other part of Leone's success. There is one scene in this film, where Morricone is
playing the tune of OUTIAmerica by piano, and Leone watches him, and makes some very nice comments about their relationships.
* ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA - a documentary program prepared by Gianni Manni for RAI during the release days of the film, probably to promote
the film and the director. All in Italian, unfortunately. There were long interviews with Robert DeNiro and James Woods, all dubbed over their original English
words. In that documentary, there is also a great deal of talk by Leone on his westerns with some excerpts from the films. There is a part where he refers to the duel scenes of his films. There are also some footages showing Leone directing DeNiro in their meeting at Max's office at the end of the film. I guess it was the last scene
to be shot because the entire crew, including Morricone, were there to watch, and then celebrate the finish. G.Manni made a superb job with this documentary.
* ALMERIA - by a Spanish TV channel - a long documentary in many episodes, where you can have many great directors and actors speaking about their
experiences in Spaghetti Western film era. The whole series are in Spanish except for some few dialogues in English with Spanish sub-titles. You can hear Sergio
Corbucci, Damiano Damiani, G.Gemma, T.Valerii, and many others speaking about the genre.