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November 14, 2018, 12:16:16 PM

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 : Today at 12:13:21 PM 
titoli - dave jenkins
“Up to now, we have considered the freelancer who conducted the Ennio Morricone interview on our behalf to be a renowned print and radio journalist,” German Playboy editor-in-chief Florian Boitin said in a statement. “In the past, we have had no reason to doubt his journalistic integrity and skills. Based on the information now at our disposal, we must unfortunately assume that the words spoken in the interview have, in part, been reproduced incorrectly."
Fake news strikes again!

 : Today at 10:43:07 AM 
mike siegel - Novecento
"Coquillon and the rest of the creative team created a nearly monochromatic image from the dark earth tones of the battlefields, the dusty soldiers' uniforms and the faces routinely covered in mud. When bright hues sometimes intrude—usually red from blood or the incongruous Nazi flag at the hospital where Steiner recovers or the blanket stretched across his hospital bed—they seem almost out of place."

Personally I really like this color scheme and find it works great. Having said that I remember Mike saying that this was not actually how Coquillon intended it to be seen.

 : Today at 06:41:04 AM 
PowerRR - cigar joe
They Drive by Night (1938) Brit Noir, Directed by Arthur B. Woods, starred Emlyn Williams, Anna Konstam, and Allan Jeayes. Williams a convict, just out of prison, is the main suspect in the murder of a taxi dancer gal pal, who he finds dead. The reason is that he's seen by the landlady acting strange as he leaves the boarding house. He splits, heading North with a lorry driver. 6-7/10.

Source Rare Film "The Cave Of Forgotten Films"

 : Today at 06:39:04 AM 
PowerRR - dave jenkins
L'amour d'une femme / The Love of a Woman (1953). 8/10. A woman doctor (Micheline Presle) accepts a post on the island of Ouessant and meets an engineer (Massimo Girotti) on temporary assignment but in permanent caveman mode. The question for the heroine then is whether to continue her career aiding the people of the island or give it up to run off with Mr. Hunk when he leaves. Don't worry, PC-watchers, she makes the right decision. I'm not a huge fan of Gremillon--Remorques and Lumiere d'ete do nothing for me--but I enjoyed this, due no doubt to all the wonderful location work and the beauty of the leads. And the story--a Gremillon original--spends a lot of time with the characters, major and minor, and makes them real. Unusually, we get to see people actually doing their jobs (we even witness what appears to be a real appendectomy). There are even a pair of children who have nothing to do with the plot who are observed with great care. This is a woman's picture, but one of quality.

 : Today at 04:22:53 AM 
mike siegel - cigar joe
The US CROSS OF IRON is finally out I hear. It contains all my supplements frommy European / Japanese co-productions (minus the German 35mm print I'm afraid):

Thanks for the heads up Mike.

 : Today at 01:39:58 AM 
mike siegel - mike siegel
The US CROSS OF IRON is finally out I hear. It contains all my supplements frommy European / Japanese co-productions (minus the German 35mm print I'm afraid):

 : Yesterday at 08:46:43 PM 
Novecento - Novecento
It's probably more impressive in the cinemas especially when it breaks into widescreen. I saw it last night on TV. Unbelievable. I've rated in 9/10 but I feel mean for not voting it a full 10.

I'm jealous. I'm keeping an eye out for when I can get to see it over here. I'm sure there will be a blu-ray soon at least.

 : Yesterday at 06:34:46 PM 

 : Yesterday at 08:11:02 AM 
titoli - titoli
The real news is that Morricone, after decades of repeating that he's not and never was a film buff, delegating to his wife the appreciation of films, now  he's posing as a judge of directors. This is quite odd.

 : Yesterday at 05:32:45 AM 
titoli - stanton
Ha ha, quite funny ...

... maybe this brings Morricone the "Alzheimer of the year" award too.

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