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Title: FoD in High-Def on HDNET
Post by: 00Diablo on June 18, 2004, 04:48:40 PM

Did anyone catch Fistful of Dynamite on HDNet Movies this month? I'm very curious as to what version of the film was aired. I posted this in the FoD forum but did not get a definitive answer.

I viewed it last Saturday afternoon for the first time via HDNet on DirecTV - beautiful, widescreen high definition transfer and 5.1 sound. I enjoyed the film more and more as it went along and was pretty moved by the end, Juan and Sean made for a great pair. Morricone's music was pure genius, as always.

As I said, this was the first time I've ever seen the film, so I'm not sure exactly what version was aired.  I've read a few accounts on the ''Net of the various versions about, and it seems most of the cut scenes I've read about were intact with this print.

However, there were a few moments where the continuity didn't seem quite right, so perhaps there is a longer version of FoD still out there. If anyone happened to catch the high definition showing of FoD on HDNet, was this the definitive version?

For those with DirecTV and a HDTV setup, here are the remaining showings of FoD for this month:

11:45 AM ET / 8:45 AM PT - Tue, Jun 22nd
6:50 AM ET / 3:50 AM PT - Wed, Jun 23rd
10:05 PM ET / 7:05 PM PT - Sun, Jun 27th
2:30 AM ET - Mon, Jun 28th / 11:30 PM PT - Sun, Jun 27th