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Title: New Member - Interesting Suggestion
Post by: PaulG on June 29, 2004, 09:33:29 AM
Hello all - Paul in the UK here!

Just stumbled across this forum - many interesting posts!

I would rate OATIA as one of the top 5 best films ever made - a true masterpiece.

I would like to start a discussion - forgive me if it has been raised before ...

It surrounds the character played by Joe Pesci - I've always thought that it was strange how he appears at the hospital and then disappears - never to be seen again.

Heres my suggestion ...

On their last ever job - the gang gets killed - Noodles sees a burnt corpse which is labelled (and he assumes) to be Max.

But patently, this couldn't have been Max!

Conclusion ... Pesci's character joined the gang on their last job instead of Noodles. Max either slipped away or grassed on the rest of the group, and it is Pesci's burnt corpse we see.


Title: Re:New Member - Interesting Suggestion
Post by: noodles_leone on July 02, 2004, 03:36:55 PM
well, sorry, i can't be agree with that: Max is tall and fit... pesci is too little... they don't have the same silhouette at all!

But you are right when you say that the last scene with pesci is strange... i think he just wants to talk with max... and i think tryed together to trap all the gang.
Title: Re:New Member - Interesting Suggestion
Post by: alexander on July 03, 2004, 09:07:18 PM
i agree completely, pesci is short and fat(kinda) and max is tall. no way. even though the face of the courpse is badly burned, you can still see that it's a much longer face then pesci's
Title: Re:New Member - Interesting Suggestion
Post by: DJASh on August 05, 2004, 03:15:41 PM
I don't think the Pesci character is the sort who would be involved in any risky work...he'd become a puller of strings by 1933 and was ready to go "legit". Sort of !