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Title: Right now! Right now!
Post by: Huey on November 14, 2011, 12:02:12 PM
Indio's pretended rage when he "learns" that the bounty hunters have escaped ends with these words.

Not long ago I saw an episode of Gunsmoke on TCM which featured perenniel villains Robert J Wilke and Claude Akins playing Comancheros. This gang had captured Chester (Denis Weaver) and a girl played by Barbara Luna. A woman in the gang who was jealous of Luna decided to engineer their escape and, when this was discovered later, Akins raged that he wanted them back (he fancied Luna) and he screams at the gang to get going, etc. "Right now! Right now!"

So that could be another influence which Sergio picked up and incorporated into Indio's character.

Robert Wilke was of course one of the original "three men waiting for a train" with Sheb Woolley and LVC.