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Title: "Spaghetti Western Themes on Nylon String Guitar" CD
Post by: Head Down on May 08, 2012, 09:50:01 PM
FYI - CD available called "Spaghetti Western Themes on Nylon String Guitar" at:  -  with free previews of each tune and web notices.

Titles as follows:

1 - Titoli ("A Fistful of Dollars") - Morricone - 2:18
2 - 60 Seconds to What? ("For a Few Dollars More") - Morricone - 1:00
3 - Main Title ("Navajo Joe") - Morricone - 3:24
4 - Padre Ramirez ("The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly") - Morricone - 1:43
5 - Main Title ("Death Rides a Horse") - Morricone - 2:56
6 - Quien Sabe ("A Bullet For the General") - Bacolov - 3:18
7 - Journey ("The Great Silence") - Morricone - 2:14
8 - You'd Better Smile ("Viva Django) - Reverberi - 2:14
9 - Wherever You Go...Death ("The 5 Man Army") - Morricone - 2:24
10 - Hey Amigo, It's Sabata ("Sabata) - Giombini - 2:22
11 - Main Title - Excerpt ("Duck, You Sucker") - Morricone - 3:13
12 - Once Upon a Time -Pecci/Morricone - 4:06

And some reviews:


Title: Re: "Spaghetti Western Themes on Nylon String Guitar" CD
Post by: Head Down on November 30, 2013, 09:21:16 AM
Summary of reviews/internet notices:

1. "...this is a fantastic album...interpretations and arrangements are passionate, done with an obvious reverence and respect for the material, not to mention a great technique as well...a very successful endeavor...highly recommended." - John Ryan, review at
2. "...his playing is uniformly flawless...touches provide hidden depth that encourage listeners to play the album start-to-finish, never mind over-n-over - an uncommon trait these absorbing aural experience." - AP McQuiddy, review at
3. "... astonishingly subtle in the way he controls his sound and conveys his musical talent...will find frequent placement on your CD player." Grady Harp, - review at (5 stars)
4. "I've heard more horrible covers than I can count, and this ain't one of them. Very good choice of cues, and the style is such that they would have fit perfectly into the actual scores! My hat's off to you, Lou, for giving us a cover album that is miles above that which has done by even the biggest and the best. Bravo!" - John Nudge, Spaghetti Western Web Board
5. " album that brings together some of the best works of the genre..." - Ruben Franco, - Spanish website
6. "The music is great. The first track is exceptional, after that you're hooked." - M.J. Richards, (UK)
7. "...this guy is a very good musician ...skillful guitar playing...a very highly recommended set of re-interpretations." - Leo Nikko, (Finland)
8. "...great collection of music played by a talented guitarist..." - Book Reader, (5 stars)
9. "I am not usually one for "re-recordings" of soundtracks but sometimes the newer versions are so different from the originals that I am drawn to them. It's the case with this set of themes...a great way to hear some great new stuff " - Alan Rogers, Twitter, North Wales, UK
10. "...wonderful" - Cricket 853, Film Score Monthly
11. "WELL DONE !!" - Mike Bishop, Sam Peckinpah Fan Forum
12. "Very nice renditions of great songs!" - Jonny M, Spaghetti Western Web Board
13. "Great selection of themes, nice mix of styles, great job with the melodies/arrangements/overlays." - Kerry Byrnes, SW fan - USA (e-mail)
14. "I certainly hope this CD gets distributed and heard widely, it deserves to." - Paul Hannon, SW fan - UK (e-mail)
15. "Sometimes it gives a feeling of pure magic." - Virender, SW fan - India (e-mail)
16. "...well arranged...soothing." - - Japan
17. "Wow...nice work, I like it." - Sargnagel, Film Maniax - Germany
18. "It sounds great." - Echoes, Dispara Gringo! - Chile