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Title: The Badlanders (1958)
Post by: drinkanddestroy on January 24, 2013, 07:33:45 PM

The Badlanders (1958) 7.5/10


Alan Ladd    ...    Peter Van Hoek ('The Dutchman')
Ernest Borgnine    ...    John 'Mac' McBain
Katy Jurado ...    Anita
Claire Kelly ...    Ada Winton
Kent Smith ...    Cyril Lounsberry
Nehemiah Persoff ...    Vincente (The Powder Monkey)
Robert Emhardt    ...    Sample
Anthony Caruso    ...    Comanche
Adam Williams    ...    Leslie
Ford Rainey     ...    Warden
John Daheim    ...    Lee (as John Day)

This is part Western, part caper film. Ladd and Borgnine play two men just released from Yuma, and head back to their town of Prescott, Arizona, where the marshal informs them in no uncertain terms that they better be on the stage out of town the next evening. They take advantage of the day there to pull a heist on a gold mine.

So many of the classic caper films include some criminal mastermind just sprung from prison, the crew standing around a table looking at a map or otherwise planning the caper; here there is also a scene where Ladd, Borgnine, and the third man they bring along are looking at a map, I got a kick out of that scene. Of course, the amount of time devoted to the planning of the heist isn't nearly as much as in the caper movies, but still, it's fun to see a Western caper!

 Katy Jurado is terrific as Borgnine's love interest.

UPDATE: I see on wikipedia it says that the screenplay was based on the novel The Asphalt Jungle!