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Title: The Verdict (1946)
Post by: drinkanddestroy on May 05, 2013, 01:52:10 AM

The Verdict (1946) 7.5/10

This first feature directed by Don Siegel was the last of the films that Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre appeared in together.

Cast and plot snyopsis, courtesy of wikipedia


Sydney Greenstreet as Superintendent George Edward Grodman
Peter Lorre as Victor Emmric
Joan Lorring as Lottie Rawson
George Coulouris as Superintendent John R. Buckley
Roselind Ivan as Mrs. Vicky Benson
Paul Cavanagh as Clive Russell
Arthur Shields as Reverend Holbrook
Russell Lowry as Arthur Kendall
Holmes Herbert as Sir William Dawson
Art Warren as PC Warren
Clyde Cook as Barney Cole

Plot synopsis

George Edward Grodman (Greenstreet), a respected superintendent at Scotland Yard in 1890, makes a mistake in an investigation that causes the execution of an innocent man. He takes the blame for his error, is dismissed from his position as superintendent and replaced by the obnoxious and gloating John Buckley (George Coulouris).
Soured by the turn of events, Grodman sets out to make Buckley look too inept to perform his new job. He enlists the aid of his macabre artist friend, Victor Emmric (Lorre), and when a mysterious murder occurs, they realize their chance to ruin Buckley may have arrived.


Here is an interesting review of the movie and Greenstreet/Lorre