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Title: Hunt the Man Down (1950)
Post by: drinkanddestroy on November 10, 2013, 08:19:51 AM

Hunt the Man Down (1950)

Cast, courtesy of imdb

Gig Young        ...    Paul Bennett
Lynne Roberts    ...    Sally Clark
Mary Anderson    ...    Alice McGuire / Peggy Linden
Willard Parker    ...    Burnell 'Brick' Appleby
Carla Balenda    ...    Rolene Wood
Gerald Mohr    ...    Walter Long
James Anderson    ...    Richard Kincaid / William H. Jackson
John Kellogg    ...    Kerry 'Lefty' McGuire
Harry Shannon    ...    Wallace Bennett
Cleo Moore    ...    Pat Sheldon
Christy Palmer    ...    Mrs. Joan Brian


Plot synopsis comes courtesy of IMDB reviewer bmacv:

James Anderson, working as a dishwasher in a bar that's held up after hours, shoots and kills the intruder; in the resultant publicity, he's spotted as the man who went on the lam before being sentenced for murder some years before. It falls to the public defender (Gig Young) to prove his innocence. With the help of his father, a one-armed retired cop (Harry Shannon), he tries to locate the guests at the impromptu drinking party in 1938 which (as such shindigs so often do) ended in the violent death of one of the merry-makers. He finds the original witnesses elusive, dissembling, deranged or dead. He also finds that, once a habit for homicide takes hold, it's hard to break...

IMO: This movie is a piece of garbage; I give it a 4/10, and there is really not much I can say in its defense (except that mercifully, it's only 69 minutes long). It's not one of those movies that's excruciating to the point that you are tearing your hair out; things move along pretty decently, seems like the premise can possibly be the basis for a decent mystery movie, but then nothing really exciting happens. The film, which I saw on TCM, is a waste of time. Be happy I watched it so you won't make that mistake next time it plays on TCM. You're welcome  ;)
Title: Re: Hunt the Man Down (1950)
Post by: cigar joe on November 10, 2013, 12:28:10 PM
Hunt The Man Down (1950) caught it on TCM accidentally a few days ago, Noir light. 5-6/10 at best.