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Title: Update on gang members
Post by: Huey on April 30, 2014, 01:10:03 AM
This has been covered many times but reviewing the membership in the current IMDB cast listing, there are fifteen as follows:

Gian Maria Volonté as El Indio
Aldo Sambrell as Cuchillio
Antonio Molino Rojo as Frisco
Benito Stefanelli as Luke / Huey
Eduardo García as unnamed
Enrique Santiago as Miguel
Frank Braña as Blackie
José Canalejas as Chico
Klaus Kinski as Wild
Luigi Pistilli as Groggy
Luis Rodríguez as Manuel
Mario Brega as Nino
Nazzareno Natale as Paco
Panos Papadopulos as Sancho Perez
Werner Abrolat as Slim

The interesting one is Eduardo García as a man with no name who made only fleeting appearances. Equally, I'm not sure which were Miguel and Manuel. Can anyone elaborate on them?