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Title: Drum Beat (1954)
Post by: titoli on November 25, 2016, 06:57:05 AM
This could have been very good: great landscapes, some original shots and great action scenes, a Bronson who's a deuteragonist in his first major role, Unfortunately they didn't have the courage to make Bronson the protagonist and so they packed the screenplay with bogus dialogues on the Indian question of the "White Man wants peace" kind and the bad Indians are bad and that's it. Let's not talk about the romantic dialogue between the gals and oldish Ladd.  The final dialogue between Bronson and Ladd reveals Bronson's dignity and a spark of respect by his adversary: that should have been the starting point to develop the story: but for that Hollywood had to wait another 15 years. The rating is a stretched 7/10.