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Title: Gun Battle at Monterey (1957)
Post by: Spikeopath on March 20, 2017, 06:47:43 PM   :(

Sleepwalk at Monterey.

Quite often us Western fans will see the cast list of an old 1950s Western and reasonably expect it to at the very least be a time waster. So instantly we (yes it's the Royal we) notice that Sterling Hayden and Lee Van Cleef star in it, and Ted de Corsia on villain duties as well, and feel quite confident. While when you got a title proudly promising a gun battle it's not outrageous to expect maybe just a little bit of bang bang bangery.

That Carl K. Hittlemen's film doesn't deliver any goods is not really his fault, he's a director for hire working with a lazy screenplay and a cast who know it's a lazy screenplay! Cleef escapes criticism, but it's really not a badge of honour to shine in this sea of mediocrity, but he at least makes time spent with the pic tolerable: Just! Come the hopelessly weak finale you are unlikely to care or consider this as being worth another look in some alternate future.

Key word is lazy, so this is an appropriately lazy review. 3/10

Viewed via UK cable.
Title: Re: Gun Battle at Monterey (1957)
Post by: AlamoScout210 on March 23, 2017, 09:41:52 PM
thanks for the heads up Spike....It's a damn shame when a pretty good cast is wasted away in a snorer as this one seems to be.