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Title: The Hangman (1959)
Post by: AlamoScout210 on March 23, 2017, 09:34:58 PM
The Hangman (1959)
Directed by Michael Curtiz
Stars Robert Taylor, Tina Louise, Fess Parker, Jack Lord

A marshal nicknamed "The Hangman" because of his track record in hunting down and capturing wanted criminals traces a robbery suspect to a small town. However, the man is known and liked in the town, and the citizens band together to try to help him avoid capture.

I had a chance to see The Hangman on Starz Western and though I love watching a Robert Taylor film this movie, despite all the credentials, didn't really deliver. Robert Taylor seems out of place in this role and his presence didn't make up for a weak story. I suppose I expected more from a movie directed by Michael Curtiz but it really seemed like a long drawn out episode of a tv western show. The only really worthwhile thing about this movie are the titillating scenes with Tina Louise. Come for the movie, stay for the Tina bathtub scenes and other various states of half-dressed! 6/10
Title: Re: The Hangman (1959)
Post by: stanton on March 24, 2017, 02:25:15 AM
Yes, apart from having an always welcome strong erotic touch (without showing much of course) I don't remember anything from this pedestrian western. Around 4 or 5/10

Curtiz films in the 50s are all more or less forgettable, aren't they?