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Title: 711 Ocean Drive (1950)
Post by: T.H. on May 16, 2017, 11:23:23 AM
Directed by Joseph M. Newman and starring Edmond O'Brien and Joanne Dru.

It's about the rise and (possible) fall of O'Brien's character who starts off as a schlub working for a telephone company and then quickly rises in the gambling world using the tech knowledge he gained working in the industry. The character's Mal Granger (A+ noir name) tech savviness gives the story some added flavor due to some of the tricks he pulls.

As for said story, the first half, while worthy, suffers a bit from wonky pacing because there is so much that happens and any character driven story that is remotely epic in scale was usually botched to some degree by old Hollywood, but this is one of the better ones.

The second half settles into more of a traditional noir kind of story but this a daytime noir, and it actually doesn't suffer any because of it. The Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Vegas locations were handled exceptionally well, though I would have liked to see a little more Vegas stuff - I wonder what was the first movie to film on location there.

The ending is set in the Hoover Dam and it delivers, the unique location one ups most of the 'guy running in tunnels' third acts that weren't gorgeously filmed.


James Ellroy on 711 Ocean Drive:

...a really under appreciated film noir with Edmond O' Brien at his sweaty, desperate anxious-to-make-it best as a guy in the race wire service racket. These businessmen are impressed with his technical skills and persuade him to create a wire service that connects the racing results from all the tracks on the West Coast. It all goes to his head. It's a wonderful rise and fall story and it's only an hour and forty minutes long. Los Angeles locations, Palm Springs locations, Las Vegas locations, Edmond O'Brien...

Vudu is streaming this in HD but you got to pay a 4 bucks.  
Title: Re: 711 Ocean Drive (1950)
Post by: drinkanddestroy on September 11, 2017, 10:56:07 PM
I just saw this (for the second time) on TCM Noir Alley. I give this a 7.5/10

I always enjoy watching Edmond O'Brien, even though in this movie and some others - though certainly not all - he does not seem natural at all. It feels like he is playing a part, like he is reading prepared lines from a script and not actually living the character. But O'Brien is always enjoyable to watch, even in movies like this where his performance is not great.

Joanne Dru is good in Westerns, not here.
Title: Re: 711 Ocean Drive (1950)
Post by: drinkanddestroy on September 11, 2017, 10:57:11 PM
Eddie Muller's intro

Eddie Muller's afterword
Title: Re: 711 Ocean Drive (1950)
Post by: dave jenkins on September 12, 2017, 11:06:50 AM
" . . . so many wardrobe changes, Clair Trevor would have been jealous." Hah!

Thanks again, Drink-o! O0
Title: Re: 711 Ocean Drive (1950)
Post by: Jessica Rabbit on September 14, 2017, 08:13:10 AM
Thanks, D & D, I must rewatch this.