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Title: A Stranger in Sacramento (Uno straniero a Sacramento) (1965)
Post by: titoli on July 02, 2017, 09:19:27 PM
This mediocre revenge story (bogusly based on an inexistent american novel) filmed in central Italy it is a fine example of what the SW craze was about when compared to the american ones: you have innumerable deaths, some sadistic scenes and those 2, 3 tricky devices which really marked the difference (here, for example, the cigar routine, or the way Hargitay is freed from prison). Hargitay is good, I mean he manages not to laugh through his scenes: he should have had a better career in B movies. The big mystery to me, though, is how butt-ugly Giorgelli could ever have one, and a big one at that. Worth a watching :