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Title: The Legend of Walks Far Woman (1982)
Post by: Spikeopath on August 16, 2017, 10:28:07 AM

Keep walking...

The Legend of Walks Far Woman is directed by Mel Damski and adapted to screenplay by Evan Hunter from the novel Walks Far Woman written by Colin Stuart. It stars Raquel Welch, Bradford Dillman, George Clutesi, Nick Mancuso and Eloy Casados. Music is by Paul Chihara and cinematography by Gayne Rescher.

An honourable but flat picture that finds Welch as the titular title character, as a Native American woman we view her trials and tribulations, as seen from the Indian's point of view. Unfortunately the story is dull, only really springing to life once Custer is defeated late in the play. There we are perked and piqued by how the Indian's react, the women and children waiting to see what members of the tribe come back from Little Big Horn. The filching of the cavalry's dead bodies, and the army fight back that has such dire consequence for Walks Far Woman.

Ultimately it's a story worth telling, only it's told poorly, and not even the lovely Montana locations can offset the disappointment one feels once pic has finished. 3/10

German Region 2 DVD.