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Title: Bandido! (1956)
Post by: T.H. on February 06, 2018, 09:25:39 PM
An American arms dealer, Wilson (Robert Mitchum), journeys south of the border during the Mexican Revolution and immediately sparks trouble when he provokes federal troops. His actions impress the revolutionaries, whom he joins forces with, and Wilson convinces his new allies to go after a rival arms dealer named Kennedy (Zachary Scott). When Wilson falls for Kennedy's wife, Lisa (Ursula Thiess), and the revolutionaries eventually turn on him, the gunrunner finds himself in the line of fire.

I first saw this year's ago and thought it was passable, but it stuck around in my head, which most mediocre movies don't do. On an additional view, this is really an interesting and entertaining movie. It feels more modern than a lot of westerns of its time, or more 60's than 50's. It was beautifully directed by Richard Fleischer, who is one of my favorite directors when it comes to efficient long takes. He was among the very best, and his style was never showy while being impressive at the same time.

The locations in this movie are phenomenal, and while you can nitpick (or have legitimate gripes with) the plot at a few points, this is something I'd like to own on bluray and something I'll revisit.

This would make for a good double bill with Run for the Sun of the same year. That's another really fun adventure with fantastic locations.
Title: Re: Bandido! (1956)
Post by: mike siegel on February 07, 2018, 02:15:10 AM
Could be the very first film depicting that wonderful Western All'Italiana combination "Gringo/Latino/Machine Gun", which
made for great scenes in MERCENARIO, QUIEN SABE?, GIU LA TESTA ...
Good film. Mitchum in Mexico is great, also highly recommended: THE WONDERFUL COUNTRY !

Title: Re: Bandido! (1956)
Post by: stanton on February 07, 2018, 04:30:01 AM
I agree with mike, and yes, the film feels often like made 10 years later. And that is quite rare for a 50s film, especially for a 50s western.
Title: Re: Bandido! (1956)
Post by: Novecento on February 07, 2018, 08:53:07 AM
Hmm - I've never seen this one. It sounds like something I should check out. Thanks for posting.