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Title: Young Fury (1964)
Post by: titoli on March 28, 2021, 09:05:11 AM
The Wild One meets High Noon. Garfield liquidates it as "nostalgic". which tells only a facet of the story and not the main one (actually I wonder if he saw it all). It could have been better if it had rounded the character of the son and, most of all, given it to an actor. The love story he starts immediately  with the girl doesn't rhyme with what we have seen of him till then But there are lots of interesting facts here. For example that, contrary to the Brando movie, the town people and the sheriff and the bartender Chaney deal differently with the youngsters (very good dialogue between the sheriff and some of them in the saloon); the final scene of the gunfight is absolutely well orchestrated and with the unusual (for the time) use of fake blood in close-up. And it could also be considered a kind of varied anticipation of the finale of FFDM. The movie was distributed in Italy (as I lupi del Texas i.e. The Texas wolves), so it's highly probable they took the idea of the thrown gun to be picked up from there. So I give it 7/10.