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Title: Black Angel (1946) Another Woolrich
Post by: titoli on February 21, 2022, 05:46:41 PM
Of course, the movie is only "based" on a Woolrich novel. Where based means they take the basic problem (a wife tries to save her two-timing husband from being executed because accused of murdering his lover), compressing a couple of characters in one, changing and/or disposing of whole parts of the novel. As the plot is quite elementary in the novel, the modifications do not compromise the result which is satisfying also thanks to, obviously, Duryea and Lorre (Crawford is not up to par, he is probably not sure how to play the cop: hard-boiled or human). June Vincent, though not being gorgeous, is better looking than most of the other femme fatales ladled to public in those years. CJ gave it a 7/10, I raise it to 8/10 both for movie and novel.