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Title: The Outlaw (1943)
Post by: Belkin on February 26, 2005, 07:31:59 AM
Just watched HOWARD HUGHES obsessive Billy The Kid western THE OUTLAW. Not a great movie but containing some great scenes. One in particular stands out. A stand off between Billy and Doc in which they decide to draw on the last note of a chirpy cuckoo clock! FAFDM sprang to mind as I watched it. Am sure LEONE musta' caught this one. Anybody else ever catch it?
Title: Re: The Outlaw (1943)
Post by: cigar joe on February 26, 2005, 08:28:17 PM
I have the DVD got it in a four western set with Kansas Pacific (crap), One-Eyed Jacks (not very good), and Peckinpah's Deadly Companions (ok).

I don't recall the cuckoo clock will have to watch it again, I think I may have been distracted by Jane Russel's tits.
Title: Re: The Outlaw (1943)
Post by: KevinJCBJK on July 11, 2007, 10:20:41 PM
When I realized Jane Russel slept with the Billy the Kid character I thought "whoa, that's x-rated stuff for that time!"

pity she didn't do playboy.
Title: Re: The Outlaw (1943)
Post by: moviesceleton on August 27, 2008, 02:27:55 AM
This was a pretty stupid movie. Characters were stupid and their actions were often poorly motivated. Jane Russel really didn't have anything else to do than just show as much of her (great O0) tits as it was possible in those days. The music was awful and at many places laughable. There was some potential in the script but it should have been directed by somebody else than Howard Hughes. The actors were like blocks of wood.

I give this one 5/10 (there's an extra 1/10 included, for Jane Russel's tits)
Title: Re: The Outlaw (1943)
Post by: titoli on June 05, 2011, 12:45:40 PM
I remembered little of it, almost nothing. Yes, the cuckoo's draw is there, but this is a good antifeminst movie. And it's the first adult western (Stagecoch is trhe first modern western but it could be watched by children). BTW, on the film the year of production is given as 1941. It is not well-balanced, the characters have the great minuis of bearing the names of people who have nothing to do with the plot but all in all I found it rather humorous (to Russell's, for once looking rather femalish, disadvantage). You also have Beethoven  in the score...7\10