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Title: Django Against Sartana
Post by: Marco Leone on July 13, 2005, 12:40:41 PM
Its my weekly review!  This time.... Django Against Sartana

"Django (Tony Kendall) returns to his hometown of Tombstone to find his brother, local banker Steve, hanging from a noose. Steve has been executed following accusations that he had teamed up with Sartana (George Ardisson) to empty the safe of the bank, and had assisted his new colleague in the murder of bank manager Mr Singer (Bernard Faber). In reality, Singer had entrusted Steve with the task of confronting Sartana, and paying him to leave Tombstone rather than raiding the bank. A disgusted Sartana refuses this offer.

Believing his brother to be innocent, Django sets out in pursuit of Sartana to discover the truth. The two heavy-weight protagonists stand face to face in combat, before learning that all is not as it seems with Singer's murder, and team up on a quest for justice and revenge.

On locating a copy of "Django Against Sartana" I was immediately convinced that it would be a low budget, fairly average flick, name-checking the established characters in a vain effort to generate interest. But there is no denying that my squinting eyes display the threatening figures of Django and Sartana in front of me. It must be said however, a recent visit to the opticians had highlighted that I have clearly needed glasses for sometime (yet my vanity had prevented it). Reaching for said specs soon confirmed my original expectations - this Django is certainly no Nero (and not even a Hill or Steffen), and Sartana is no Garko. We are talking Z-list Django and Sartana here! Only the vague costume resemblance provides a hint to the identity of these feared gunfighters.

Despite my obvious mickey-taking, I must say that I did really enjoy this film - probably largely because it was such an unintentional parody of the genre to which it belongs (it certainly wasn't for the wooden character acting!). The story did provide some great entertainment though, even if it was fairly predictable. I did also enjoy the effect of the freeze-frame grand entrance of the main characters.

However...... I couldn't hold my hand to my heart and recommend it to anyone. And I guess, truth be told, I never thought I would be able to".
Title: Re: Django Against Sartana
Post by: redyred on July 14, 2005, 04:17:35 AM
Nice review, Marco.

Just thinking, wouldn't it have been fantastic if someone had made a genuine SW team-up film, with Clint as MWNN, Franco Nero as Django, Lee Van Cleef as Sabata and Gianni Garko as Sartana? In fact, any combination of two from that list would've been brilliant.
Title: Re: Django Against Sartana
Post by: Marco Leone on July 14, 2005, 12:10:15 PM
Well, I guess its not too late.  They could do some sort of "final face off" - three aging gunman battle it out for who actually was the best!  Hmm, maybe not.  A bit too old now.

Saw a picture of Franco Nero the otherday (either on this site or the SWWB, can't remember), and he is looking pretty good for his age.  He could still adequately portray an (albeit ageing) Django.
Title: Re: Django Against Sartana
Post by: Banjo on May 11, 2007, 02:47:41 PM
I've had a pan and scan dvd of this for nearly a year now which i've never watched partly because i'm still inundated with several other sw's but also because i was convinced that this would be a total turkey.

But hey all of a sudden the Movies4Men channel has suddenly been screening a glut of sw's during the last week in pretty respectable widescreen prints including this one which i've just finished watching and astonishingly its real good entertaining stuff.

While its true that Tony Kendall is no Nero when it comes to playing Django (well who is apart from Terence Hill's admirable impression in Viva Django) he still comes over as pretty cool but with an added ruthlessness together with menacing eyes.I was really impressed by him.

George Ardisson as Sartana though also exerting a reasonable amount of the required coolness( despite his frilly trimmings on his attire) is the weaker character of the two though is the more likeable one that helps out Django in his vengeance.

Marco's right in that this movie regurgitates all the sw cliches but its still very well done and is a great looking picture and the action sequences are very satisfactory.The music is varied with the main theme along similar lines to the sung theme on Corbucci's film,but theres also good doses of flamenco,blues and jazz-rock.

My rating 7 out of 10. O0

Title: Re: Django Against Sartana
Post by: titoli on August 16, 2008, 05:22:26 PM
I give it 7\10 for the sadist killer, for the "horny" finale, for the unusual OST, for the good rhythm, and some other touch of originality (like Sartana's making believe he's shooting a baddie).