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Title: Minaldi
Post by: redyred on August 06, 2005, 08:01:58 AM
Theory posted by Poggle on another thread:

Now I have this crazy-assed theory about Minaldi - After finding out that the gang is going to be getting involved in the trucking business(If I remember correctly), he wants Max killed(For the same reason Bugsy beat the **** out of them) and uses Carol to manipulate Noodles into turning him in, though I wonder if Minaldi's men entering the Chinese theater is part of the dream or during his "sense of clarity".

This has got me thinking. There is definately more to the Mindaldi subplot than meets the eye I think. One bit I remember, is the scene - after the gang visit Jimmy Cleanhands in hospital - in the hospital foyer, when Max and Noodles decide to take a holiday. The scene ends showing Minaldi is lurking around, watching them.

I suspect the stuff that was cut from Leone's original eight hours contains a lot of Joe Pesci...