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Title: Sergio Leone Web Board Community Standards
Post by: Harmonica on October 06, 2005, 08:08:04 PM
The Sergio Leone Forums is a moderated discussion board and all topics are monitored frequently. If you choose to become or choose to remain a member of this forum, you must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the following community standards.

These community standards are meant to serve as an example of the style of posting we encourage here, and they may not describe all possible situations that would require a moderator to take action. Therefore, they do not limit the actions moderators may take in certain situations.

Edited, Moved, or Deleted Posts/Threads

Please think about what you are saying before you post it; do not just post anything you feel like posting. By posting, members acknowledge that their posts may be edited, moved, or deleted at the discretion of the moderators or administrator.

Explanations for Edited, Moved, or Deleted Posts/Threads

If your post is edited, moved, or deleted and the moderator responsible does not leave an explanation, you may ask about it in a private message (PM) to one of the moderators. Do not post complaints on the board about a moderator's action. Any member who complains on the board about a moderator's action can be banned.

Flaming/Bashing Other Members, Trolling, etc.

Members who flame or bash another member are in violation of these community standards, and may have their posting privileges revoked without warning.

Likewise, trolling (posting outrageous, disruptive or false messages in order to bait people into answering) is not allowed since it is basically an attempt to get other members to bash, flame or otherwise violate community standards. It is subject to the same remedial actions as flaming or bashing.

Please DO NOT respond to flames or trolls -- you'll only make the situation worse.

Respect Everyone's Opinion

Please treat your fellow web board members with respect. Just because someone disagrees with another member's opinion does not give him or her the right to insult or otherwise demean that member. Anyone who chooses to post profanity, pick fights, call members derogatory names or otherwise attack other members is subject to being warned by the moderators and/or subject to having his or her membership canceled. We want our members to feel comfortable posting their opinions, even unpopular ones, without fear that they will be slammed for it. No matter how crazy or outlandish an opinion is, it is still that member's opinion and he or she is entitled to it. 


Bashing of anyone who acted in films with Sergio Leone or otherwise contributed to his films will not be tolerated. Negative analysis is NOT bashing, provided it is backed up with fact. For example:

Bashing would be saying:
" Ennio Morricone sucks."

Whereas a legitimate analysis would be:
"I don't think that Ennio Morricone is the best composer out there. I think his music is bland and boring.

Reporting Posts to a Moderator

Do not "moderate" other members when they do not follow the guidelines. If you see a post that is inappropriate, click on the "Report to Moderator" link. You are not being a tattletale, and the person you are reporting will not know who reported him or her. This is by far the best way for the community to police itself, since all the moderators receive the notification. 

Keep Threads/Posts On Topic and in the Right Forum

Posting something that is not in line with the intended topic of a thread or forum is not allowed, and such posts will be moved, deleted, or split into a separate thread. 

Creating New / Duplicate Threads

Before creating a new thread, please check the first few pages of the forum and/or other forums to make sure the topic has not already been started. Multiple posts of the same message are unwelcome, and all but one will be deleted. 

Descriptive Thread Titles

Use a descriptive title when starting a thread, so people know what it is about. If you are worried about people seeing your thread and you want to use an ambiguous title to increase your views, don't worry -- a descriptive title is likely to get you more, not fewer views.

Provide Sources

Any excerpt or article posted on the Board must be accompanied by a link unless one is not available. Credit must be given to the originator of the information.

What Threads Belong Where

The Leone News forum is for the discussion of news regarding Sergio Leone or his films.  Please remember to provide a link if one is available.

The General Discussion forum is for discussions on any general Leone-related topic not covered elsewhere.  It’s not for discussion in general.  Threads like “I’m Mad” really belongs in the Off Topic Discussion so please post them there.

The Trivia Games forum is for any games you would like to play that relate to Sergio Leone films.

The “Other Films” thread is for Sergio Leone related films other than the big five that have their own forums.  Films such as ones that he was assistant director on or had a hand in writing the screenplay for should be posted there.   If you want to post a thread about a movie other than a related Leone Film please do so in the “Off Topic” Forum.

The Off-Topic Discussion forum is for posts that are not related to Sergio Leone.  It  is a place where members can post about anything non-Leone related which would be of general interest to most members. This is not to be used as a substitute for a daily blog by any member. If you want to post your own art, poetry, stories, etc., find your own site and you can put a link to it in your profile.

The Web Site Announcements forum is used to announce anything special about the site that members should be aware of and where you should post about any problems you are experiencing with the operation of the board.

Obviously, there are some gray areas. But, please take the time to make sure your thread is in the right forum. 

Political Posts and Topics

We strongly discourage threads pertaining to politics, as these topics have been known to cause hostility among members. If you post a political topic, expect it to be deleted. If you make a political remark in any topic in any forum, expect it to be edited or deleted. Any political remarks that are used in a member's profile (signature or personal text) will need to be removed in order for the member to be permitted to continue posting on the board.

Contacting Other Members via PM or E-mail

The administrator and the moderators are not responsible for the conduct between or among members that take place through private correspondence. Any member who sends obscene, threatening, abusive or insulting messages to any member or moderator via PM, e-mail or forum post, for whatever reason, will have his/her posting rights revoked immediately.


Racist, sexist, homophobic or any other kind of discriminatory remarks or sentiments will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape or form. Anyone who chooses to post these kind of remarks WILL have the remarks removed by moderators, WILL be warned by the moderators, and MAY be banned (have his/her membership privileges revoked).

"Adult" Material

Sexually explicit pictures and/or discussions are not allowed. We do have some young members; therefore keep your posts clean of adult language and vulgar statements. The Board will automatically censor certain words, but some may get by that are inappropriate. The moderators have the right to edit these posts and request to the member that such words not be used in the future. Anyone who chooses to post vulgar statements is subject to a warning from the moderators and/or banning of his/her membership.

Special Note: The dialogue of Sergio Leone movies often contains vulgarities and profanities, which may be quoted, in the proper context, for the purpose of discussion. However, the use of those same words in your own posts (or in signatures or personal texts) is prohibited.   

Getting Banned

Lack of cooperation or continued refusal to adhere to these community standards, and/or with moderator requests or instructions, will result in termination of membership. Any member may be banned at any time by name, IP address, e-mail address, or other identification without any prior warning and without any explanation given. We will oblige the offender with an explanation, if asked. 

Linking to your Home Page vs. Spamming

If you have a personal home page, feel free to include the link in your profile. But remember:  this forum isn't here to drive traffic to your site, and spamming or advertising will be promptly deleted -- and the offender typically banned. 

Moderating Principles

We will not hesitate to be heavy-handed if that's what it takes to keep things under control and civil. That will probably make some people unhappy who feel that we are being too harsh or trying to stifle certain points of view, but the moderation team will do what is necessary to ensure that this forum remains the respected website that it has become and remains an enjoyable experience for all our members. All serious infractions of the rules are discussed among the moderators and all actions taken are agreed upon by the moderators.

If you have any issue with forum moderation, do not post your issue on the forum. You may direct your question to a moderator or the site administrator via PM or e-mail.

Please post threads in their proper place. 

Have fun and enjoy this wonderful site that Cal has provided for us and remember to use common sense when posting.