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Title: THE WATCH: A short story
Post by: aaronson on May 06, 2003, 06:43:58 AM
 During the civil war, running across the desert a Confederate Sanitary Coach  full of dead  bodies  was driven by four mad horses.
       The strange crew  was quickly stopped by a mexican thief ,whose History will never retain the complete long  name.
       This tough man searched  the stinky corpses and specially kept the soldiers'watches with him.
       Then it seems that this stupid guy was arrested by North troops and driven to a  POW camp where the famous crual Sergents,  Wallace and Sentenza beat him and stole him.
       Before dying during a three-men party, Sentenza ( it's a nickname meaning sentence but his true name was Mortimer) sent two stolen watches as gifts :one to his twin ,an honest and brave Major , the other one  to his young sister, a kind brunette.
       Both watches were the same model , with music..      

       In 1868 Colonel Mortimer died after he had revenged his sister,  wildy attacked by a well-known junkie called El  Indio.
        He was buried in the family grave with one watch.
        Archibald a five years old  nephew of him (he was in fact the son of the  raped sister and the killed brother- in- law) inherited the other watch, an old silvered one with incrustations and designs. The music mechanism was broken but the sentimental  nephew kept the watch during the following fifty  years .
       In 1905 Archibald Mortimer left the South and went up to New York and opened a grocery shop.
        But soon, too shocked by all the murders in his family and by potatoes crisis he became an alcoholic.
       Sometimes on Sundays he was going to the jewish district , where pubs were open ,  drinking much liquors and beers till the bloody day when a kids-gang tried to stole his  watch. ( may be in 1919.)
       He remembered he was saved by a young guy, in fact another thief who stole the watch from him. A policeman (very rotten according to the neighbours) was also involved in that obscure affair.
       From 1919 to 1933  the watch stayed in the pocket of a bootleger whose name was  Maximilian Berkowicz . Newspapers informed us that this mobster was killed by Feds at the end of the prohibition period.
       Was the watch completely burnt by fire ?
         No! In 1968 a rich Californian businessman , Senator Bailey recently installed in NY, showed the watch to one of his guests that witnesses described as "an old and cheap-looking man ".
     (It seems Bailey had replaced  the Mortimer'sister picture by another woman picture,a great theatre actress ...Debra something )
     After a long and mysterious conversation with the old man, Senator Bailey jumped into a garbage truck ! His body was crashed and mashed by the powerful steel jaws    The watch was also twisted and shaked ..... so the music suddenly  restarted 100 years after !
      Some people testified that they could have heard under the motors noise,  an old chime                                                     ta ta tata ta tata ta tatata

                                                     THE   END

 Q:  But what happened to the Mexican?:
  A: Oh, it was a pity. Becoming very rich but also very mad he spent very quickly 50 000 $ with gambling, hot women and caviar-tortillas .He let also 50 000 $ to his brother's covent " for expiation of his own crimes and sins " .
 After many researches I found that he became leader of a bandidos bunch and finally was  killed by the  magnificent seven.

  Q:But what happened to the old cheap -looking man ?
   A: Oh he kept the money , changed his look, invest in Fat Moe restaurant, married Deborah, become tutor of David Bailey  ....and joint las Vegas to manage a Casino after Debra death .
 Finally he died at 85 years old , addict to viagra and Sharon Stone.
  Before , working for Mafia he travelled across Italy and met a young Director and persuaded him to realize a new kind of movies:   the  noodle-western .
   Q:But what happened to Senator Bailey's son. ?
   A: David Bailey became a famous photographer in UK, marrying Catherine Deneuve....

That 's all folks
Title: Re:THE WATCH: A short story
Post by: guybrush on May 06, 2003, 07:08:42 AM
Doesn't matter where you got it from, but it enlightened my day ...  ;D
anyway now you're trapped: you hinted to Bob De Niro having the time of his life with Sharon Stone and a casino, so you are now morally obliged to find or invent another short story linking all Scorsese's movies, Yul Brinner, his six friends, and your belle Catherine Deneuve...  ;)
Title: Re:THE WATCH: A short story
Post by: Il Buono on May 06, 2003, 10:02:09 AM
That is just great, Aaronson, you should write books or screenplays... if you don't already.  Maybe you could have this story filmed?  ;D
Title: Re:THE WATCH: A short story
Post by: aaronson on May 07, 2003, 06:32:26 AM
Friends, Thanks for your sincere reactions.

Really  I wrote it quickly, just after seeing OUATIA at home (an old french-speaking  VHS but complete) last Sunday .
For the first time I remarked that Senator Bailey showed Noodles an old  watch at the end of the film.We forgot it since Max  took it back from the rotten cop.( 45 years before )
As I recently watched GBU with my wife , she was shocked  by Tuco stealing dying officers in the coach.
So the watches seemed to be THE LINK between three good movies.  

I am glad if you have been  interested for few minutes with my first short novel.

 (about the bonus, the only true point its that young C . Deneuve really first married a famous british photographer called David Bailey  around 1966 in the "swinging london". Some people said that it was the model for Antonioni'movie: Blow Up ).
Title: Re:THE WATCH: A short story
Post by: guybrush on May 07, 2003, 10:58:54 AM
I am glad if you have been  interested for few minutes with my first short novel.

Your first short novel???  :o
Please do yourself a favour: carry on writing...  
Then please do us a favour: get published and let us know your real name, so we will be able to buy your stuff...  ;)