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Title: Shoot Gringo Shoot
Post by: titoli on January 16, 2006, 08:16:59 AM

Apparently you have this in english, so Marco or somebody else can make an in-depth review. Of which the movie is worthy. Though the main plot's starting plot  is inconsistent (it would be enough that Moroni would say at the start to Kelly what we learn only at the end to have no movie at all)  the story proceeds at fast speed, with unusual variations and even in the most traditional scenes you have always an element of originality (for example the silencers in the night rescue scene).    Noteworthy the desert scene inspired by GBU but which is very good on its own. The two main actors (Moroni and Kelly) are a surprise. Absolutely recommended.   
Title: Re: Shoot Gringo Shoot
Post by: Banjo on May 25, 2007, 05:56:02 AM
Firecracker's Oscure SW's review:-

Infamous gunslinger, Chad Stark, (American tv actor Brain Kelly) is hired by a wealthy mexican rancher to hunt down and retrieve his son, Fidel, who has ran away from home to join up with an army of deadly outlaws. Fortunatly for Stark, the army is run by his long time, duck loving (I kid you not) friend Major Charlie Donaghen. After a quick reunion and some fancy wordplay, Stark dupes the Major into handing over Fidel so they both can prepare an ambush for a large shipment of gold being transported by train across the desert (all fabricated in Stark's mind to fool the Major into allowing him to travel with Fidel alone). Once far into the desert Stark ties up Fidel and begins to make the long journey back to the boy's father's Ranch where his reward is waiting. Fidel has other plans though. After a scuffle atop a sand dune (a particularly good fight scene for the genre's standards) Fidel gets free of Stark and heads off into the wilderness.
Eventually the Major realizes he has been made a fool of and heads after Stark with the intention of killing him for his treachery.
It all leads up to the SHOCKING finale.

Very similar to Sollima's "The Big Gundown" in that Stark frequently captures Fidel, only for the boy to escape (once) again by tricking him (much like Corbett and Cuchillo's misadventures in the aforementioned film). 
However unlike the Sollima film, the escapes and recaptures never get tiring and never border along the ridiculous (The "snake bite" scene in TBG comes to mind). Each set peice is fresh and new. One such set peice  takes place on a swinging bridge suspended above a canyon. This sort of thing would be more suitable in a 1930's adventure serial, but it's a fine addition here.
There are some frantic gunfights inbetween all this too!

Could have easily seen George Hilton in the role of Chad Stark (whom I would have preferred over Kelly) and some of the gunfights are sloppily edited but those are my only complaints.
Competant score by composer Sante Maria Romitelli. The music manages to be mildly memorable (light years ahead of his score for "God's Gun").

one of the genre's favorite actressess Erica Blanc makes a short appearence as a traveling farmer's daughter. Good to have her in the film as she is easy on my eyes.

A nice hidden gem that should be sought after!
Title: Re: Shoot Gringo Shoot
Post by: Ringo on May 25, 2007, 06:16:32 AM
Definetely a hidden gem, with refreshing emphasis on character and suspense. Bruno can't live up to his brother, but has his moments (especially in the desert scene, which rivals TGTBTU). Some of the humor is out of place, though.

Note: The actual onscreen title is "Spara Gringo Spara Rainbow". Whaaaaaaa...?
Title: Re: Shoot Gringo Shoot
Post by: titoli on July 07, 2012, 03:41:50 PM
You can watch it on youtube:
Title: Re: Shoot Gringo Shoot
Post by: stanton on July 08, 2012, 01:01:00 AM
A pretty unknown SW.

Well directed.

Enjoyable stuff.