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Title: Botched Restoration Of GBU
Post by: zac14 on May 14, 2003, 11:18:51 AM
I'm desperate to get a hold of someone regarding the restored version of "the good the bad and the ugly". I'm probably one of the biggest fans of this film and after appox 50 viewings, know the dialog by heart. So as I excitedly watched the restored version, that excitement quickly turned to horror as I noticed lines of dialog are now completely missing. I pray this can be fixed before an eventual DVD release. I'll try to give some detailed examples. at the 00:23 mark, Blondie is counting reward money with Tuco and his dialog reads "5 for you" "1,2,3,4,5 for me" "5 for you" "and 5 for me". The first two of those lines are now completely inaudible. you can barely hear it in the backround and then it pops back in before the 3rd line. At the 1:47 mark, Angel Eyes calls Blondie into the room after beating Tuco. His line reads "the war's over for you". this line is now inaudible. then in the same scene at the 1:48 mark the dialog drops out again! this time Angel Eyes says "im not greedy, im only taking half". again inaudible!! There is another scene later when they are blowing up the bridge but i dont have the time code. This is not a case of the sound just dropping out as the backround noise is still very audible. It’s only the dialog track. I cannot believe what a huge oversight this is. I pray this is fixed before the eventual DVD release. What a shame it would be to spend all the money restoring the film only to botch the job. Help me get the word out!!!  :-\
Title: Re:Botched Restoration Of GBU
Post by: cigar joe on May 14, 2003, 03:14:48 PM
50 Showings!, man you deserve some sort of an award!

I didn't notice, but I'm sure we'll all check.
Title: Re:Botched Restoration Of GBU
Post by: zac14 on May 14, 2003, 03:22:43 PM
 ;) thats 50 viewings of the original cut. I saw it first when i was 7 years old. im now 41. so yeah, ive seen probably 50ish times.
Title: Re:Botched Restoration Of GBU
Post by: KERMIT on May 14, 2003, 08:15:49 PM
i saw it in "68 when i was 19.  i'd never seen the first two, and in thoses days i just walked in not caring if i saw the first of the picture. it was a huge cine plex in orlando, fla. packed to the gills. the first thing i did was try to find a seat in the dark as wallace, sweat running down his face , about to gouge out tuco's eyes.
w/ the prison camp band playing "a soldier's story".
i'll never forget that experience.

i have an excelent dvd of gb&u. the other night when the movie was played on AMC i couldn't bear to watch it.
the sound was hedious. i couldn't even make out small details like arch stanton's name on his grave. bummer.

why is it so hard to restore something.  viva dvds.......
and may god be praised !

Title: Re:Botched Restoration Of GBU
Post by: KERMIT on May 14, 2003, 08:23:57 PM
man i hate to admit this but i've spent half my adult life watching gb&u again and again. thousands? tens of thousands ? i lost track 20 years ago. don't care if i don't get a life.  when i pop tha vhs A(now dvd) movie  on it's my neck in that noose. my hands are tied. i ain't going nowhere for 161 mins. w/ out the least bit of remorse for what i should be doing. this move NEVER fails.  :o