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Title: DVD Release
Post by: Simon on May 18, 2003, 01:49:01 PM
Yep! Best gangster movie ever!! Without question.
I have loved this film since first viewing it on video in 1986. Imagine my delight when I heard of it's release on DVD in the U.K on June 30th 2003. EVENT!!!
There is a problem though. I did not expect the full uncut 257 min version, (not yet anyway) but I was expecting the 229 min edition. I have looked around quite a bit on the net for info and have discovered that the U.K Region 2 release will be a 220 min version, audio commentary by Richard Schickel, Once Upon Leone (20 min film),Trailer and Photo Gallery. The U.S Region 1 release will be a 229 min version, with commentary, 20 min film and Trailer, but no Photo Gallery. Why?? Does anybody know? I would certainly love to see those extra nine minutes at the expense of the photo gallery wouldn't you?
Also it appears that both editions have the car rape scene cut, as has the much talked about flashback scene towards the end of the film (when Noodles refuses to kill Max).
Still, I cannot wait for it's release, it's about bloody time !
I like the cover too.
Title: Re:DVD Release
Post by: Jon on May 19, 2003, 08:01:10 AM
I think the reason that the US version might be longer is because NTCS runs slightly slower than PAL,therefore all US versions of any film always are a bit longer.

I hope the car rape isn't cut[not saying i like the scene,but it's an essential scene],previous UK versions were,I think,uncut as far as that scene goes.