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Title: Missing Nail
Post by: aaronson on May 21, 2003, 02:48:05 AM
About the missing nail , I remark that it's not a scare, it looks covered by  make-up .
  Possible that Lee never lost a nail.
 May be it only a detail sent by Sergio,  meaning:" this guy looks like Douglas Mortimer, but he is different ".
 It's very subtle because Sergio made much efforts to show us the same man: black suits,  pipe, moustache, gun weared in the middle of the belly.
 Even his black and nervous horse is the same in GBU and FAFDM  ???

Title: Re:Missing Nail
Post by: KERMIT on May 25, 2003, 08:27:36 AM
aahh-haa aaronson !!   :o   i've been plagued by this for 30 odd years.  where do i send the bill ?   ;D

reguards,  ;)