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Title: 'Mr. Morton' ....
Post by: Spaghetti Bob on April 24, 2006, 01:25:18 AM
Perhaps this question has been posted before.

During Cheyenne's dealth scene, when Harmonica asks his 'who' (shot him) question, Robard's line of dialogue says 'Mr. Choo-Choo'.

However, if you watch his lips carefully, as the dialogue is spoken, his lips do not move to match those words. I could swear Robards actually mouthed 'Mr. Morton', after Harmonica asks the question.

Was the dialogue / words, in that instance, dubbed differently, after the scene was shot? This possibly would be perhaps to eliminate any confusion on the part of the audience, who may not have remembered who 'Mr. Morton' was.

Has anyone else noticed this? It seems obvious to me (watched the movie again this afternoon, and I still think I see this).

Thanks for any feedback -

Title: Re: 'Mr. Morton' ....
Post by: Cusser on April 25, 2006, 07:19:39 AM
I'm sure "the audience" would've known who "Mr. Morton" was.  Perhaps, it was just more of Cheyenne's "style" to call him Mr. Choo Choo.  I remember one post here where the poster didn't understand the "Choo Choo" part, wasn't clear to him (don't know if he was an American or not).