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Title: Almeria Visit= continued.
Post by: El Mal on May 30, 2006, 04:35:58 AM
Got timed out again -

 to continue my piece on the Almeria trip. Regarding Mini Hollywood the Bank, Sheriff`s Office and 2 saloons (all original I believe from FDM) are still in place around the main square but when you first walk into MH you turn a corner into a western street with flowerbeds and gardens in front of falsefront street buildings - pleez! Very Disney. The Yellow Rose Saloon was packed and we waited a few minutes for a lack lustre Can Can Show by 3 girls. No splits, no "whoops!" etc.,

The shootout in the main square at 5pm is excellent. Features 3 or 4 stuntmen, a wagon, 2 or 3 horses and 2 falls from balconies.

Western Leone we didn`t fancy paying for as we saw a virtual 360 degree shot of it on the internet before going there and the tacked on town looks so phoney and spoils memories of OUATITW. We stopped opposite "on a high bluff!" and snapped a few tele shots for a souvenier shot of the Sweetwater House.

Our priority visit next time? Texas Hollywood. Which the locals now call Fort Bravo (there is a basic fort built by the entrance but I understand this was for a computer game or something and holds little interest). Yes, I know it`s got little to do with SW`s but I`m a general western fan and was in my element there. Must view 800 Balas again and check against my snaps.

I hadn`t heard about the new SW film and being 150 miles away we don`t get any freebee newspapers for that region (here in Torrevieja we get about 4 a week!). We made good friends with our B & B landlady, Shirley, whilst we were there and, although she`s not interested in SW`s (sacrilige!) I`ll ask her if there`s anyway of finding out about film making. We sat near her neighbours at a resaturant one night and heard them talking about film extra work. I wouldn`t mind staying over there with Shirley for a few days to do some of that. If anyone plans to visit the Tabernas area we can heartily recommend Shirley`s place at 30 Euros per night, min. 2 nights - breakfast extra. Try "Las Aguilas Miran" or phone Shirley direct on 00 34 950 066 025 (from UK).

May put some photos in the site later.

El Mal(colm)

Title: Re: Almeria Visit= continued.
Post by: El Mal on May 30, 2006, 05:40:32 AM
Seems I miss-timed our Almeria trip by a week! The Almeria edition of one of our freebie English language papers here on the Costa Blanca reports that Eli Wallach will be appearing at a Film Festival this week to receive a special achievement award. See www. - Almeria Edition and www.
 >:( El Mal.