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Title: Death Of James Hayden?
Post by: Simon on May 29, 2003, 05:49:38 AM
I've often wondered what actually happened to the actor James Hayden who played Patsy. IMDB do say that he died of a drug overdose, while performing on Broadway. Does anybody know more about the actor and the events surrounding his death in 1983? It couldn't have been long after finishing OUATIA.
Title: Re:Death Of James Hayden?
Post by: Jon Hertzberg on June 20, 2003, 07:32:17 PM
Hayden died during a Broadway run of "American Buffalo," in which he starred with close friend and mentor Al Pacino.  His character, Bobby, was a heroin addict.  Hayden had stated that he dedicated his performances to a close friend who had died of a heroin overdose.  In November of 1983, in his apartment, after the night's performance, Hayden died of a heroin overdose while on the phone with his estranged wife. He was 29 years old.  Hayden had led a very interesting life prior to becoming an actor.  As a very young man, he served in Vietnam during the last year or so of the conflict.  You'll have to forgive me for being somewhat hazy about the specifics--I'm remembering the details of the original NY Times obituary for the actor.

Recently, a play entitled "Actor Found Dead" and based on Hayden's life was performed off-Broadway.  A screenplay written with the cooperation of Hayden's wife is also underway.

A portion of a Pacino biography details his sadness and dismay upon hearing of Hayden's death, while on the set of "Scarface."  Hayden had been disappointed about not getting the part that was eventually awarded to Steven Bauer.  His disappointment dissipated with the casting in "OUaTiA."

Title: Re:Death Of James Hayden?
Post by: Simon on June 21, 2003, 01:03:45 PM
Thanks a lot for that Jon.
I did know that Hayden had a small role with Pacino in Crusing but did not realise that they were such good friends. Would be interesting to see a movie on him one day. Thanks Again!
Title: Re: Death Of James Hayden?
Post by: LITTLE BIG MAN on March 03, 2016, 06:56:24 AM
For anyone who is interested in the life & career of the late (great) James Hayden (Patsy OUATIA) there is a very touching Facebook tribute page set up by James family/friends - thought that some of the posters on this site would be interested in reading about this talented actor - the page includes info & photos on OUATIA.