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Title: Sartana kills them all (Un par de asesinos)(1971)
Post by: titoli on October 21, 2006, 04:29:11 AM

The comment at the italian SWdb is rather unfair, as it tells to keep at large from this movie as it has a weak plot. I rather agree with the comment at IMDB, which finds it quite enjoyable. Sure, the movie is rather uncertain between a comedy and dramatic tone. still  it has an unwavering rhythm  by changes of location, plot twists (well, some like the one about the fake agony rather untolerable) and never trivial shots that can't help result entertaining, though towards the end the screenplay is short of ammunition. Still, just the episode with the psychotic family is worth the watching.
Title: Re: Sartana kills them all (Un par de asesinos)(1971)
Post by: Banjo on October 21, 2006, 04:40:00 AM
Glad you brought this one up Titoli as i know at least myself,Firecracker and Boardwalk Angel have seen this so i'm interested to hear what they make of it.The Sartana tag is ridicolous and misleading as its obviously a very different Gianni Garko character and this plays out more like a buddy western than one of  typical Carmineo detective stories.
Definately nowhere near as good as most of Garko's other sw's but still pretty engaging and enjoyable throughout.
Title: Re: Sartana kills them all (Un par de asesinos)(1971)
Post by: boardwalk_angel on October 21, 2006, 06:10:02 AM
I found it enjoyable also....a pretty light tone throughout with some nastiness sprinkled in (hello..Frank Wolff).

As far as the "Sartana" is...the Italian poster..& the  German DVD cover. You can see that it's supposed to be "Santana"...& apparently whoever came up with the English title changed it..obviously to try to cash in on the Sartana films.


Title: Re: Sartana kills them all (Un par de asesinos)(1971)
Post by: titoli on October 21, 2006, 07:13:52 AM
Well, it is strange that italian distributors had to learn from the anglos as to the exploitation of the Sartana nick. But probably there was some copyright matter that prevented them from doing that: in fact the Santana nick proves the circumstance.
Title: Re: Sartana kills them all (Un par de asesinos)(1971)
Post by: Banjo on May 25, 2007, 05:58:48 AM
Firecracker's Oscure SW's review:-

This film has nothing to do with the very popular Sartana character sw fans know and love. Garko plays a character named Sartana but he is not the same mystical gambler most fans are familiar with. The name was borrowed to cash in on the success of the Sartana series. In fact the italian title ("un par de asesiones") shows no mention of Sartana at all. The culprit of this hijacking is the American or English distributors.

Gianni Garko stars as a low down thieving bandit named Sartana (Looking more like a hatless Davy Crokett than the black clad gambler/avenger) who is searching for $100,000 worth of loot along with his less than trustworthy mexican pal Marcos.

Both bandits are being relentlessly chased by a sheriff and his deputies. Along the way our "heroes" meet up with an unsavory but good looking woman who wants to be apart of the gang. A relationship developes between the girl and Sartana (or so we think). Marcos becomes increasingly jealous of the pairing and the movie begins to hint that Sartana and Marcos will not be partners for long.

That is the best I could do with the plot because honestly there is way more going on. The movie has several sub-plots (some get resolved and some don't), it's usually just to add a bit of action in between the main plot.
The best of these sub-plots is undoubtably about a family gang of murderous scum named "The Kirbies". Father Kirby and his four dim-witted, but deadly, sons hijack a stagecoach and stow away the passengers in an abandoned barn house where they happily murder them all. The Kirbies later run into Sartana and co. and a suspenseful confrontation ensues.

Towards the end things get a little farcical with stupid sight gags but all of that is forgiven by this reviewer. I had a hell of a time watching something I expected very little from.

Non-stop action, a good score*, sleazy sexual tension and fun characters make this spaghetti worth a few looks.

*The main theme is VERY catchy and the whole soundtrack is well put together.