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Title: Kill the Wicked (Dio non paga il sabato)(1967)
Post by: titoli on November 12, 2006, 11:32:34 AM

The italian SWdb marks this as a "unoriginal oater with few ambitions, either visual and narrative". Well, I must say I disagree all down the line. This is very original: so much so that somebody, a few years later, thought it was worth a remake which was released as "Matalo".

(See the plot as resumed by Banjo:

 But while, in spite of a great beginning, I found the second quite boring, this one, in spite of the fact that I knew the main plot (the differences are not many. I should verify but probably they were shot in the same ghost town) kept me interested to the end. Because it was better shot (I have some trouble adjusting to the idea that the director was the same one who gave us Deadly Trackers) , better edited (this is where the main strenght lies), better scored  The second it is more pretentious: that I concede. This is the nitty gritty; compare the beating scene in both movies for example. In spite of the little blood the first is really frightening. But I can understand that someone, mistaking ineptitude for something more vague like "psychedelity", might go for the remake. But the first makes my best 50 list. And anyway ranks higher than Matalo.

P.S. I have the certainty that the movie must have been peppered with more nudity of what can be seen in the italian version I saw. Maybe a french or scandinavian vhs release could solve the question.
Title: Re: Kill the Wicked (Dio non paga il sabato)(1967)
Post by: The Firecracker on August 09, 2009, 12:18:10 AM
I'm torn.
Not sure what I prefer. Matalo! or this.
Kill the Wicked is put together better and is more focused but Matalo! has better atmosphere and is the better looking of the two pictures.
As Titoli mentioned already, the Kill The Wicked beating scenes looked like they hurt. Matalo!'s beating scenes looked like they were concerned for the actors' safety (something Castell regretted later).
Matalo! has Claudia Gravy though... and Daniela Igliozzi is no Gravy.
Score is equal to, if not better than Matalo!'s