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Title: Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die ( Arriva Durango, paga o muori) (1971)
Post by: titoli on May 09, 2007, 03:09:38 PM

At the italian db they are critical about this, expecially because they don't tolerate Harris, dubbed as "bumptious". But I think he perfectly fits his character, a gunman who specializes in credit collecting for a price. The movie could be a good one if 2 or 3 elements had better been performed: the bad one is played by an actor who just doesn't fit the part: he doesn't look redoutable at all but just ridiculous (he's sporting a wig and a fake beard, or at least they look like that to me). His sidekicks are this side of the worst comedy westerns and they don't look like they can be a threat to Harris. So all of their confrontations with Harris are unsatisfaying and defy credibility. What is good is Torres performance (which could be dubbed as a poor man's Tomas Milian performance: but still good). In the italian version I saw Milian dubs him (unkless I'm greatly mistaken)!  The evasion scene is one of the best I ever saw. And the monologues or dialogues he's in are very well thought up. It could have been a very good movie, but still is better than most.