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Title: Clint the Neveda's loner (Clint el solitario) (1967)
Post by: The Firecracker on May 18, 2007, 12:36:31 AM

I have been underwhelmed with the release of the two Clint the Stranger movies (released by wild east). They are just average entries to the genre really.

This is the first of the series.

George Martin stars as the fast hand gunslinger, Clint, who has been exiled by his wife for becoming an outlaw. Years pass and, while drifting through a town in the mountains, he mistakenly runs into his estranged wife and son. His wife forces him to hand over his pistols and promises that she will leave him for good if he ever kills again.
Unfortunatly her timing is bad because they are being bullied by a local land baron who is willing to resort to murder in order to obtain the families property.
With no help from the law (How typical) Clint, against his spouses wishes, once again takes up his six shooter and goes out to settle things with the greedy land baron and his vicious cronies.

It's an fine story that is let down by mediocre action sequences (There is a good fist fight in a saloon but a poor gunfight in the town and a ho-hum showdown at the end), a poor score and a very irritating child (Clint's son).
Marianne Koch, better known as the madonna Marisol from A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, plays Clint's wife.
Fernando Sancho makes the best of his role as a ruthless gringo (a bizarre role for him) who works for the land baron.

Not a fan of Martin. I thought he was the weakest link in Pistol for Ringo and it's sequel (both have an excellent cast!) and here he doesn't fare much better. He's too dry.

Imdb reviewer doesn't say much about it and Italian DB has no review.

Worth a look but average at best.
Sequel is superior but not by much.
Title: Re: Clint the Neveda's loner (Clint el solitario) (1967)
Post by: titoli on March 08, 2008, 03:18:17 AM
The italian db has a release date of 1966, which I think is more likely to be the real one.
This is a blatant Shane remake, and landscape-wise is very beautiful, though one wonders what are those people doing raising cattles or farming under the mountains.
Marianne Koch is not as pretty as in FOD and, even worse, she's allowed to act (look at how she italianly waves her hands). Sancho is good and Barnes is very, very good as usual. I don't think that in Hollywood they made very much of him, and it's a pity. About the rest, I agree totally with FC. I give it a 5\10.