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Title: Return Of Hallelujah(1972)
Post by: Banjo on May 20, 2007, 04:00:54 PM
   I haven't got a particularly good copy,a dvd sourced from a knackered pan & scan video with subtitles -but i watched Giuliano Carmineos Return Of Hallelujah which is his follow up to the excellent Heads You Die...Tails I Kill You.Again this stars Hilton as Hallelujah(a Sartana inspired mercenary) who once more is hired by General Ramirez to find an Aztec Idol in order to gain the allegiance of thousands of pueblos and thus tip the Mexican Revolution heavily in Ramirez's favour.However a greedy fatcat Ferguson also has the same idea and wants to seize the small statue for himself and ransom it to Emperor Maximilian.Plus theres also a third(and forth!) party of a ridiculously overdressed Scotsman and his untrustworthy girlfriend(the beautiful Agata Flori who played the nun in the original) who have hidden jewels  in the idol and through a series of adventures and double crosses the idol(and a fake!) passes from hand to hand.
However whereas Heads You Die was a lighthearted Companeros inspired sw,this sequel goes all out for slapstick from the word go-very silly but nontheless entertaining stuff.Instead of the Singer Sewing Machine disguised as a machine gun in the original,here Hallelujah has various attachments for his pistol including a rocket launcher , theres a repeat of the toilet humour with drinks being spiked to make men pee while
something amusing is done with a whip,the idol at some point ends up in a porn brokers where a Cockatoo is the valuer and much more!
Not exactly a great film but if you are a fan of the original maybe you should give this a look if you don't mind the OTT slapstick too much.The musical score is again supplied by Stelvio Capriani with similarities to his score for Heads You Die.
My rating ,6 out of 10.
Title: Re: Return Of Hallelujah(1972)
Post by: titoli on November 11, 2008, 11:51:46 AM
Porn broker, banjo? ::)

Anyway I give it 5\10 because it is too long in addition to being funny only in spots.
Title: Re: Return Of Hallelujah(1972)
Post by: Banjo on November 12, 2008, 08:29:25 AM
Porn broker, banjo? ::)


Well it sounds like an interesting occupation! :D

I'm looking out for a decent print of this one still.