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Title: I Want Him Dead(1968)
Post by: Banjo on May 26, 2007, 06:00:56 AM
I've got great recollections of this one,possibly Craig Hills best film.I'll add to this later but here is ARIZONA COLTS  review:-

I WANT HIM DEAD-the only Craig Hill movie I've see and it's a pretty solid effort. It's a typical revenge story but with one nice touch. The villains plan to assassinate Generals Lee and Grant at a peace conference to keep the war going between the North and South. Some nice action scenes keep the film moving along at a fair clip. You could do worse.
Title: Re: I Want Him Dead(1968)
Post by: titoli on April 06, 2009, 01:55:19 PM
I would have gladly done without the military sub-plot (the last meeting in a kind of pueblo is ridiculous) and To elevate Martin from his usual role as sidekick (and rapist) to main villain (or kinda) was not a good casting option. Still it gets 7\10 because it is very well done and it has Lea Massari and that year's Miss Italy.