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Post by: The Firecracker on May 26, 2007, 12:20:07 PM

(the italian website is temporarily shut down)

"His name was Holy ghost" is the exact english title (couldn't fit it all in the title bar of the thread).

 this was a fun romp with the only flaw being the very slapsticky final gunfight with all sorts of Looney Tune type antics.
Besides that sorry piece of filmmaking, the rest of the comedy in the film is very good.

I didn't care for the wrestling match though. Too long and too nonesensical.

Carnimeo was now journeying through probably the worst part of his sw career, his no holds barred slapstick shoot em ups.

sometimes it works...("Holy Ghost" and "heads you die, tails I kill you") but most of the time it falls flat on it's face ("Dick Luft in Sacremento" and "they call him cemetery").

A shame this never spawned an official series, but knowing Carnimeo he would probably have up the ante on the slapstick for it's predeccesors (not necessarily a good thing since this one is already way in left field   ).

 80% grade for me.

Post by: Banjo on May 26, 2007, 04:21:44 PM
Arizona Colts review:-

Watched HIS NAME IS HOLY GHOST last night and if you enjoyed Garkos SARTANA sequels you'll enjoy this as it's cut from the same cloth albeit with an abundance of humor some of it blackly comical. There's even a Bud Spencer character that partners with Holy Ghost throughout the movie. Towards the end however, the comedy takes over amidst all the explosions and gunfire. Garko has a wide range of weapons this time out. The only disappointing aspect of the film for me was earlier in the picture you're led to believe that Holy Ghost may in fact be a supernatural gunfighter but by the end you realize he's just an ordinary guy. The quality is decent on this fullscreen print with greek subs. Only teh sound is a bit muffled.
Post by: titoli on July 27, 2007, 08:02:12 PM

The italian expression "andare a puttane" (lit: to go to whores, i.e. hunting for whores) used, in a metaphorical sense, in the meaning of "folding up", "failing" recurs a pair of times in the movies referred to the use of "whores" as "troian horse" (another double meaning: Troia (Troy) is also figuratively a synonimous for "whore"). And it is what happens to the movie, which starts well and goes degrading more and more as the end nears. But two or three gags are memorable And every movie with Pilar Verlasquez is a must with me, anyway.