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Title: 20.000 dollari sul 7 (1968)
Post by: titoli on June 21, 2007, 03:55:42 PM

Apparently this didn't make it beyond the italian boundaries. Only to be expected: I tried to watch it for three days but gave up to sleep the first two and the third was successful only because of my strenuous deference to my self-imposed task of watching and reviewing all this crap. Usual revenge story, three brothers trying to discover who killed the fourth. The italian db says that this is "extremely poor of ideas who may stir an interest beyond the visual one". Which should mean that they can see some visual interest, and I wonder which may be. No, the only interest in the movie that I can see is the presence of 4 or 5 gimmicks (the final one was rather ingenious, I'll admit that) which was a reason why many people went to see them in the theatres.
The actors, with the exception of Conversi, is all people you nver saw before or after. The protagonist is simply ridiculous. The score has a pleasing main theme but is well under par like the movie.