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Title: Gun Shy Piluk (Giurņ e li uccise uno ad uno) (!968)
Post by: titoli on June 23, 2007, 09:54:18 PM

The starting idea for this was not bad: to have a kind of Eric Blore-clone play the avenger of the murder of his son, the sheriff of a country town, could have been developed along bizarre or comedic lines which, alas, are totally absent here. So you have instead a usual array of episodes you have watched in other hundreds of similar products. Still, one remains with a big question: where did they pick the name Piluk? It is awful almost as the movie itself and add to that that in italian they coupled it with a mis-translation of the expression "gun-shy" when they reissued the movie as
Piluk, the Shy One
. Which made it probably sound like a kind of hungarian based operetta. (The original title was more to the point:
He swore and killed them one by one
). BTW, the character Piluk is not the one played by Edmund Purdom as indicated at IMDB.
The score, at least the main theme, I heard it already, can't remember in which movie though.
At fatmandan they were able to spot Fabio Testi, i wasn't: maybe because the quality of my copy (from an english spoken danish release) was awful or maybe because I was half-asleep most of the time.
 A mention should also be made of the worst fist-fights I ever saw staged in a western movie set.