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Title: Seven Devils on Horseback (I sette del gruppo selvaggio) (1975)
Post by: titoli on June 27, 2007, 09:27:47 AM

At the italian db they say that this is not particularly bad in that it has some good ideas. I would like to know which ones (they don't say). Dino Strano comes to a town to avenge the death of his sister (a scene, that of the rape, taken from another movie where Mitchell, though, isn't featured in) and shoots it out with Mitchell's gang which holds it in thrall. He is aided by his sidekick Brega (fatter than ever) a kind of Spencer's clone but his funny scenes are bordering on the idiotic. Most of the scenes are stale as to dialogue and development. There are though two good elements:1) Benussi is still attractive and, compared to pot-bellied Strano (was this man payed to star in these movies?) looks like Eleonora Duse. 2) The score by Cipriani is good (I would like to listen to a pair of tunes without the visual accompaniment). Most of the time you feel embarassed though watching this crap and Crea is really Fidani's brother, only with more relatives to put into crowd scenes.