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Title: Per un dollaro a Tucson si muore (1965)
Post by: titoli on July 07, 2007, 08:21:44 PM

This is one of those which continuosly border  (and often go beyond) the verge of self-parody. Everyone involved in this proves to be an inept at what he's supposed to do. And really you wonder why you should spend 90' watching this.
The plot is about a gang outlaws which keep ahold of Tucson (a village near Milan?) to wait for the couriers to bring payments for all the people of the area (for doing what?).
Only thing worth mentionig (and which explain Canevari's later use of Hendrix' inspired score in
) is the use of a Bo Diddley style guitar in a tune (the rest of the score is vaguely country style in pre-Morricone's mold).