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Title: Rebels on the Loose (Ringo e Gringo contro tutti) (1969)
Post by: titoli on July 17, 2007, 05:48:00 PM

This is not the worst of the western comedies produced in Italy before the Trinity series. The premise was good: two confederate soldiers still hold a fort 8 years after the war is over. They finally get out and continue their war against the Union finally kidnapping General Grant after a spate of adventures.
3 or 4 scenes are good but the film is notable because (except for the explosions) the scenes have a visual quality superior to the ones to be found in similar products, even better than many of those you find in serious SW's. Still the movie is lame, in spite of the two comedians (Buzzanca and Vianello) here, strangely, well under their par.