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Title: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: titoli on August 17, 2007, 06:31:01 PM

Positive reviews both at IMDb and italian SWDB. Ciakmull (an inept Leonard Mann) escapes from a nut house with three inmates and starts a research about his past as he has lost his memory. The part that doesn't do it for me it's when the villains try to exploit his loss of memory to let him kill his own father. But apart from this, the movie is well paced, visually attractive (though the roman campaign's landscapes are sometime too much insisted upon) and with good performances by Strode and Eastman. (Strode BTW sings also a snippet of a gospel and sings it well). The score is brilliant, with a captivating main tune by Ortolani. This gets 7\10.
Title: Re: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: The Firecracker on August 18, 2007, 12:48:18 AM
This is getting a release from Wild East very soon.
Title: Re: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: Banjo on August 18, 2007, 02:26:59 AM
I enjoyed CHUCK MOOL as well Titoli. :)

UK Sattelite channel MOVIES4MEN have just started showing this and next week they're showing Ferdinando Baldi's trinity clone CARAMBOLA as well as FIGHTING FISTS OF SHANGHAI JOE.

Everything they show has been widescreen so far. O0
Title: Re: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: Banjo on October 09, 2007, 01:39:45 AM
Review from Arizona Colt


Leonard Mann, Woody Strode, Peter Martell, Luigi Montefiore

Directed by Enzo Barboni; Music by Riz Ortolani

Four men escape a mental hospital after it's set on fire. Chuck (Mann), one of the escapees, has amnesia and doesn't know who he is or how he got into the hospital. With bounty hunters in pursuit, the four make it into a town only to find that the townsfolk are afraid of the amnesiac, the one named Chuck Mool.

After a steady diet of Shaw Brothers movies and indy kung fu flicks peppered with various other types of movies over the past two months, it was refreshing to revisit the spaghetti western genre after a bit of a hiatus and this was an enjoyable, if empty entry in the Italo oater sweepstakes. What makes this one of special interest-to me anyways, is the cast. The duo from one of my favorite SW's of all time, THE FORGOTTEN PISTOLERO (1969), Leonard Mann and Peter Martell are both here with Mann especially memorable if only for his DJANGO styled outfit. Martell is the most lively of the bunch, however.

The GRIM REAPER, Montefiori is also good here portraying more than a lumbering oaf or unstoppable killing machine. He's one of the good guys and plays the role similar to his role in the TRINITY knock-off BEN & CHARLIE (1972). Montefiori reveals himself to be quite the card shark in a game involving frequent character actor Luciano Rossi.

Sadly, Woody Strode doesn't get to do much other than play a Hercules type character, (which he is good at) frequently tossing the villains around in the fight scenes. It would have been nice to have seen him get to act more in the film but it's great to see him among the good guys nonetheless. Even though Mann is the main star, there are still three other main actors and the film suffers a bit in the characterization department because of it. Even still, getting to see these four in the same film is a treat in itself.

Although the main story itself is serious, Barboni's first directed western plants the comedic seeds he would harvest later the same year with his massive Leone toppler, THEY CALL ME TRINITY (1970). Formerly a cinematographer, Barboni proved he was a dominating force to be reckoned with in the SW genre when he dethroned Sergio Leone with his TRINITY films. Leone, ever the egotist, apparently couldn't handle the fact that his films had been knocked off the highest cliffs in Almeria and fired back producing his own version of TRINITY entitled MY NAME IS NOBODY (1973) going so far as to acquire Terence Hill in the role of Nobody. With the major success of Barboni's TRINITY films, they inaugurated a massive tidal wave of comedy westerns that took over the genre for the next several years.

Interestingly, the same fate also befell the kung fu film, which at this time had supplanted the Italian western around the globe. When comedic kung fu movies became all the rage in 1978, the serious styled martial arts films died out.

Back to Barboni, before he became a director, he photographed some of the most memorable entries in the genre including THE HELLBENDERS (1966) and the immortal DJANGO (1966). He also worked on some lesser known entries such as the enjoyable Steve Reeves spaghetti A LONG RIDE FROM HELL (1968) and the loony spaghetti musical RITA OF THE WEST (1967).

The score by Riz Ortalani is only average and very repetitive. With all the heavy dramatics occuring during the latter half, the film could have used some bombastic motifs in the musical arena.

Considering the long running success of his TRINITY movies, it's startling at how well this film turns out since it's nearly the polar opposite of those films. CHUCK MOOL shines especially during the finale. The big shoot out is expertly handled with several twists thrown in during the final minutes. I also loved the scenes that reminded me of Chang Cheh's treatment of his heroes. Definitely worth checking out. An above average entry with a great story and good dramatic elements from a director who was about to enjoy the fruits of his labor later in the year.

Title: Re: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: The Fuse! on October 12, 2007, 11:05:52 AM
Hi! Just watched Chuck Moll (or Mool as it is said) on Movies4Men recently. A nice little film and worth a look. Good scene with Woody Strode at the end who refuses to eat the dirt.

I may watch it again. I already watched Shanghai Joe three times on there! :D

Banjo... Movies4Men write this week that due to popular demand they are bringing many new spaghetti western titles. So, that's great news. Hope they have a few rarities hidden in the sack again.

Title: Re: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: Banjo on October 16, 2007, 07:53:45 AM
Cheers The Fuse! :)

Thats brilliant news and heres the link. O0
Title: Re: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: titoli on December 08, 2012, 06:38:35 PM
Here it is:

Should I change the title of the topic?
Title: Re: Chuck Moll (Ciakmull) (1970)
Post by: cigar joe on December 10, 2012, 06:34:29 PM
No, leave as is, I'll give it a 6.5-7/10 -  thought it was entertaining