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Title: Sei bounty killers per una strage (1973)
Post by: titoli on August 22, 2007, 03:28:35 AM

Apparently this didn't make it outside Italy's boundaries (and on the italian SWdb, at least at the moment of writing this). And rightly so. It took me 3\4 of an hour to understand what the movie was about and it wouldn't have been hard to guess at if only the director had been such. But, one could object, maybe that made the movie interesting. Yes, I counter, if only the episodes had been interesting and not always on the verge of inconscious self-parody or simply demonstrating the ineptitude of the filmaker.
The story is about 6 bounty killers engaged from the governor of Texas to rescue his wife and daughter from the hands of Donald O'Brien, who is the ruler of Abilene (near Manziana) whose inhabitants he exploits while offering sanctuary to outlaws. They will make it, of course.
I think that almost every scene warrants a laugh (few) or a yawn.
Fiorella Mannoia risks raping twice here (she's not pretty, but she's cute, FC). O'Brien tries to rape the governor's wife and that would have been a feat as much worthy of consideration as just thinking of raping Mrs. George Bush snr.
The music was Piero Piccioni's. How he got involved in this I have no idea. But he saw the movie.