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Title: Savage Gringo (Ringo del Nebraska)(1966)
Post by: titoli on October 27, 2007, 06:02:33 PM

This could easily have been a pre-Leone, as it has little of the new brand of SW introduced two years earlier. It is not bad but it is not good either. Bava knows his trade, of course, but the story is not original and there is little he can (or cares to) do with it except give the narrative a good rhythm and some (few) original shots. Ken Clark was my favourite un-Bond '60's Secret Agent and I have to admit here too he shows why I liked him better than the other ones: he's impressive phisically, but (this marks a difference with, say, Brad Harris) in a natural way (this is a disadvantage though when he has to fight twice against Lulli, who can be no match for him. Lulli's brother Folco could have been a better adversary); he's good looking, but not handsome; and, very important factor, he has a subdued way of playing which is very attractive. Lulli is good as usual, Herbert Ross: I had almost missed him.
The soundtrack is pervasive but I can't say it's original, though it can be pleasing to the ear.
This gets a 6\10.