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Title: Payment in Blood (7 winchester per un massacro)(1967)
Post by: titoli on November 29, 2007, 07:08:23 PM

A good, in parts very good Castellari. Byrnes and Madison (and Boyd, I'd add) deliver brilliant performances. The story is about a band of ex-confederates led by Madison which terrorize the territory on the border of the RIo Grande and which are persuaded by Byrnes to go hunting for the booty of Gen. Beauregard's regiment hidden in an indian cemetery near Durango. The story is not very original, though entertaining. But the difference makes it the direction which, as to be expected, is almost constantly original. But There is a main fault: the landascape is not Almeria but the roman country, so you have green instead of yellow. Still, by the choice of angles and distances Castellari manages, expecially in the first part, to give us some taste of unseen before.
The De Masi's score is nothing worth remembering but the main theme is catchy. Louise Barrett won't haunt my dreams. A full 7\10 bordering on 8\10.