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Title: Blue (1968)
Post by: cigar joe on January 11, 2008, 08:50:48 PM
Dir Silvio Narizzano, with Terence Stamp ...  Blue, Joanna Pettet ...  Joanne Morton, Karl Malden ...  Doc Morton,  Stathis Giallelis ...  Manuel, Sally Kirkland ...  Sarah Lambert,  Robert Lipton ...  Antonio,  Ricardo Montalban ...  Ortega

I thought someone mentioned this flick before but it doesn't seem to have its own thread.

Well this was the first time I ever saw this flick and it I got to say I was somewhat impressed, one thing Director Narizzano accomplished was shooting some great landscapes, and that great cinematography never ends, for me that landscape and those big skys I can't get enough of them and this movie doesn't disapoint in that department. The DVD transfer is pristeen I rented it from Netflix.

The story is about a gang of Mexicans that raid along the border of Texas and from the style of clothing and weapons it seems to be right before the Civil War. Terence Stamp is Azul "Blue" the gringo son of Ortega (Montalban) they raid into Texas crossing the Rio Grande.

Blue saves the life of Joanne from a compatriot, and is shot as he attempts to escape back to Mexico. Doc Morton & Joanne nurse him back to health and basically he decieds to become a gringo and fight with the Texans. Ricardo Montalban and Carl Malden put in good performances, Its woth a look-see.
Title: Re: Blue (1968)
Post by: titoli on January 11, 2008, 09:00:15 PM
Give it a vote from 1 to 10.

Not a great movie, but not even that bad. The story is cliché (the hero divided between loyalty to two races), Stamp is not your favourite western hero, Pettet is just blonde, Malden and Montalban very good. The OST is probably good: but for another kind of movie and is the real weak spot of the whole thing. I wonder if, given another composer (not necessarily Il Maestro) this could have been salvaged. Because you end up reflecting that the good things that are in the movie could have been much better developed. Stamp has been criticized for his english pronunciation: I didn't think it was such a great disadvantage if only somebody had taken the trouble to justify it (his parents could have been english immigrants, why not?). He gives his usual good performance  but he too doesn't know what to make of his character, which is given many hints worth developing but left unused. Still in two occasions (during the duel scene: probably the best of the whole movie and an original variation on the theme) and when killing his step-brother on the riverside, he adds that touch of impishness, or malevolence to his character which let one surmises if he couldn't have been used more in westerns, surely as the villain. And in spite of everything this movie has great visuals, so it is to be seen at least once. 6\10
Title: Re: Blue (1968)
Post by: cigar joe on January 11, 2008, 09:04:26 PM
I'd say it was a 6.5/10 worth an honorable mention for its cinematography which a lot of recent Western directors forget about (its even got a canebreak chase similar to the one in The Big Gundown).
Title: Re: Blue (1968)
Post by: titoli on June 21, 2010, 08:13:46 AM
I hadn't noticed your review because I looked for it among Euro westerns, so it is apparent that we agree to a T about the movie.
Title: Re: Blue (1968)
Post by: cigar joe on June 22, 2010, 02:45:50 AM
pretty much
Title: Re: Blue (1968)
Post by: Dust Devil on March 19, 2012, 04:00:43 PM
The cinematography (there was actually an aerial shot or two that comes to mind) is fine, but even with that taken into considerations this movie doesn't climb any higher than a 5/10 in my book. It's just a boring waste of time, they don't seem to know what to make of any character in it. The beginning and the ending are okay, the rest is not.
Title: Re: Blue (1968)
Post by: Dust Devil on March 19, 2012, 04:04:22 PM
I wish it was cheaper than that Euro-something I gave for it... :'(